Three Shows You Must See on Hulu

Three Shows You Must See on Hulu

As we start to slowly open back up as a country and get back on our feet, why not binge three more shows? These gems on Hulu will keep you entertained and laughing.

3. Superstore.

It’s romantic, funny, and real. Have you ever worked in retail? Well, then you might know what it’s like to work at a Superstore with the characters you meet along the way.

2. The Good Place.

This show takes you through a roller coaster of happy and exciting moments! You won’t be able to guess what happens next and the characters are very lovable.

1. You’re the Worst

Not great for kids, but fantastic for adults. This romantic comedy is realistic and takes a real look at issues in our life from love, depression, PTSD, and overcoming milestones in life.
Stay laughing with you’re the worst.