What Are The Benefits Of Power Factor Correction?

  • Save 25% or more* off your monthly power bill
  • Improve power factor
  • Eliminate utility penalties or surcharges
  • Maximize your equipment and appliance longevity
  • Can protect against lightning strike (average lightning strike cases $35,000 worth of damage plus insurance premiums)

How Does Power Factor Correction Save Money?

Who Wants to Pay for Froth?

Please allow us the opportunity to explain how this illustration relates to your overpaying for power each month.

Our Product: PFC Units (Power Factor Correction) Stores, Balances and Provides Energy on demand. They fill up, Store and distribute Energy on a continuous basis which equals perfect power flow for your Equipment and Appliances. Perfect power flow equals less cost as a result of improved equipment and motor efficiency, as well as, extended life for your equipment and motors. Peak + Run = $ (Cost of Your Power Bill). Our PFC Units Minimizes Peak and Maximizes Run which equals Less Cost and Maximized Efficiency.


Does Power Factor Correction Actually Work?

Product Installed March of 2020
Previous 12 Months Average Power Bill of $251.71

That Is A 27% Savings Of OVER $400 In The First Six Months

After 14 months the upgrade paid for itself and now these happy homeowners are putting their savings towards their dreams and a better future.

Savings Based on Days Billed per Month Equals $2.35 per day or $72 per month
What would you do with the extra money?

Actual Alabama Power Website Graph Cost and Usage NOV 2019 – NOV 2020

Actual Alabama Power Bill Usage Graph NOV 2019 – NOV 2020

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