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Imagine only having to pay nine (9) months of power bills each year.

Our product is 100% Factory Original, US Patented, UL Approved, Custom Built to your Specific Needs, Installed and Monitored for the Life of the Product. 15 Year Warranty! 

NRG Savers helps you save every single month on your electric bill. With our custom built NRG Savers Single Phase Capacitor, you'll watch your power bill drop, your appliances and AC unit last longer, and you won't see a huge spike in the summer just because you've turned on your AC or started up your pool pump. 

With a
 one year return on your investment, join thousands of happy people around the world and start saving time, money, and energy today. NRG Savers is here for you. 


• Save 25% or more off your monthly power bill
• AC unit runs 7 years longer 
• Maximize your equipment and appliance longevity
• No power surges
• May protect against lightning strike
• Improve Power Factor
• Eliminate utility penalties or surcharges

Our product pays for itself on average in 1 year. You're going to pay the money to the power company forever or you can invest today and see 25% or more savings on your power bill for as long as you live in your home or own your business!

The power bill range for this unit to be effective should be $150-$1000. Select your power bill amount below.
Restaurant owners, churches, dry cleaners, and homeowners across the United States love our products!

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