The NRG Savers Team of Experts is a radical re-invention of the old, broken customer service model. Now, all NRG Savers customers have a dedicated team of highly-trained experts assigned to their account, who are empowered to deliver next-level white glove customer care.
You'll never be forced to talk to a robot again or get bounced from rep to rep. With NRG Savers Team of Experts, you get real help from real people, on your terms. 

Your NRG Savers Team of Experts is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time.
NRG Savers Customer Care Experts are available 24/7. In early 2019, postpaid customers will get Team of Experts to support 24/7.


When Calling/Messaging NRG Savers:

  • Be specific, include details
  • Let us know what City/State your business or home that you're calling about is.
  • Name of Business
  • Type of Business 
  • Know how much your current power bill is on the high side and low side. For example, the difference between summer and winter, or your busiest time of the year vs. slowest time of the year.


Call/message us and start saving today.

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