Customer Benefits

Alectropower Power Factor Correction Provides Several Customer Benefits

  • Reduced cost: Reduction in kVA demand and therefore electricity costs, you can average savings of 10%-20% or more on your monthly power bill.


Average savings: 25% Reduced cost: Reduction in kVA demand and therefore electricity costs. Most of our customers are saving 10%-20%, however, there are some who save 18-19% and some that save 30%-40% it all just depends on the age of your building, equipment, and the type of environment. Regardless, you can save a lot of money.


Perhaps the most attractive benefit is the fast return on your investment, usually less than 7 months. After you get your return, the rest of the money you save is just money in your pocket for the next 20 years (warranty).

Equipment life: Extend the life of your equipment, you can add an average of (5-7 years) to your motors because of your power factor. Once your power factor is corrected it’s using super clean power and harmonically balances out all the motors and they run smoothly instead of struggling.

A good example would be an old fridge vs a new fridge. The old one is louder, vibrates because it’s motors are tired and run down, put an Alectropower on your home and the old fridge will run almost like it’s brand new! When it’s brand new it runs smooth, it’s quiet, and it doesn’t vibrate.

  • Compliance: Compliance with regulatory codes
  • Expansion: More power available for site expansion without the need for new switchboards and cable
  • Power Factor Correction reduces the amount of reactive power required to be sourced from the electricity supplier
  • Conserves: Smaller sized transformer and install power wiring (less current required due to PFC).
  • Future plans for expansion (of plants, etc.) are more greatly obtainable.
  • Financial (tariff) example:
    – 1000 kW load at PF of 0.75, S = 1333kVA
    – 1000 kW load at PF of 0.95, S = 1053 kVA Difference is 280 kVA => 280 x $0.3757 = $105.20 penalty per day or $3,156 penalty per month.