Would You Like An Affordable Alternative To High Utility Costs?

Our NRG Saver PFC (Power Factor Correction) Units have helped many companies correct their power factor and bring down their monthly bill while extending the life of their motors.

Today’s commercial applications require looking beyond the traditional means of energy conservation and savings. For example, purchasing high-efficiency motors to reduce energy costs is typically cost-prohibitive. As the demand for power runs through your commercial setting, there is a non-productive current (heat) that strains your equipment and wiring. Our NRG Saver PFC Units optimize the electrical energy that your business uses, allowing the motors within your equipment to operate more efficiently. This reduces heat, lowers your electricity costs, reduces the chance of fires, and increases the life of your motors.

Power Factor Correction Is Our Specialty.

We have been in business for over 10 years saving our clients an average of 20-30% per month. Imagine having a power bill averaging $10,000 per month. Now imagine being able to consistently save $2,000-$3,000 a month on that same bill and extending the life of your motors by being harmonically balanced.

That Is Our Goal For You, Saving You 30% On Your Power Bill.

Our PFC Units Stores, Balances, and Expels Energy. They fill up, (trickle charged every .02 seconds) Store and Provide Energy on a continuous basis which equals perfect power flow for your equipment and motors. Perfect power flow equals less cost as a result of improved equipment and motor efficiency, as well as, extended life for your equipment and motors.

Too good to be true?

Check out all our happy customers that are enjoying amazing savings each month.