Workout from home for every fitness level

Workout from home for every fitness level

April 16, 2020

Workout from home! Exercises for every fitness level.

Exercise energizes the body, eases the mind, and keeps you moving, literally. Gyms are closed across the nation, but there is a way to stay in shape, start exercising, and get healthier from your very own living room. 

We’ve put together three full body workouts for each level of fitness. 



Spend a couple days a week walking 30-45 minutes. If you’re looking to stay in to avoid risk or on rainy days, try yoga.


Yoga Flow:

Puppy pose 

Praise the sun with Sun Salutations 



Child's pose

Repeat 4 times hold each pose for 2 breaths and flow through. 



Light exerciser:

If you can do 30 crunches and 10 squats, you got this! Going for a light jog outside or a longer walk can help you stay active. For a quick indoor workout try pilates.




Side Plank crunches 10 each side

Donkey Kicks 10 each side

Toe touches 20

Plank raises 10

Superman 15 

Repeat 4 times 





Raised side lungs 3 x 15


Burpees with push up 30 


Plank jacks 30 


Bicycle crunches 30 


Wall sit 30 seconds


Plank 60 seconds


Repeat 5 times. 

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