Homeowner saved 40% off power bill

Homeowner saved 40% off power bill

February 22, 2021

Real savings from Josh C. "NRG Savers saved me 40% off my power Bill this month! This little box is mind blowing 🤯 on what it can do! The second picture (picture above) is the proof from my personal power bill..."

The proof is in the pudding as they say. After installation, Josh's bill kept dropping. Everyone does it- pays their power bill without having any wiggle room. Even turning off lights throughout your house, won't really make a large impact. Lighting makes up about 30% of your bill while motors such as your appliances and HVAC make up 70% of your bill. We target the 70% to ensure you're seeing the most savings! 

Installation is easy and rarely will we need to turn off your power. You can continue working or hanging in your house as usual. Our electricians will install quickly usually one hour or less. 

After installation, you can expect to see savings 30-60 days after install since power bills are billed a month behind. We commit to 20% savings, but many of our clients are saving more like Josh. 

We're now a proud sponsor (and big fans) of his son Jet, 222. Pictured below. 


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