5 Ways to be Productive During COVID 19

5 Ways to be Productive During COVID 19

April 06, 2020

In a time where there's a lot of uncertainty and a lot of rapid changes,  we're all looking for more to do and ways to stay productive. Here's 5 ways you can stay productive and 5 ways to fight boredom. 


1. Start a new home project

Be the new Tim the tool man! We all have projects we've always wanted to start, but never had the time to get started. Paint your bathroom, wall paper that one wall in the bedroom, switch to hardwoods, or repair that hole in the wall. 

2. Plant a garden

Start growing your own fruit, veggies, and beautiful flowers. Landscaping can be stress relieving and create a beautiful oasis after your garden begins to bloom. Win/win!

3. Get working on new ideas!

Start a new work project from starting a new business idea to getting a new project done for your business, you finally have the time.

4. Workout. 

Try out a new virtual workout class or start on your own. Get outside for walks, runs, and yoga! If you have a family, family walks or sports can be relaxing and strength your bond. 

5. Learn a new skill!

Learn a new language, fresh up your sales pitch, learn to play chess, improve your golf swing, or learn to knit. There's so many new hobbies and skills you can learn by just visiting youtube or downloading an app. 

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