Ever have a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, family member, in-law, soon to be in-law, or host you didn’t know what to get? We’ve all been there. We’ve complied a list of gifts for everyone in your life. A big tip we learned from our mom’s is stock up on a few of the medium priced gifts so you always have something just nice to give just in case! Here’s our a few great gifts to stock up on or purchase now for two day delivery!

The Insta Post
A great gift for someone in your life who loves to eat at home and loves cooking.

The fitbit
A perfect fit for any fitness friends or family members. Maybe for someone who’s excising more or just your friend you know is into health. The heart rate monitor and step counter make this a great gift.

A great gift for almost anyone in your life! Everyone loves AirPods. They make everyday tasks easier and really can be used in a number of situations.

NEST Candles
This makes a great gift for a lot of people in your life. This is a gift you can’t have too many of. Some people might not spend a lot on nice candles, so this is a little self-care item that also betters this persons environment. These candles are a more luxury version than say a candle you might big up at a super-store.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
For below $20, this is wonderful for the wine drinker! It’s a great staple for your at home bar. Many people don’t have one of these, making it a great gift. This allows you to pour a single glass of wine without actually opening the bottle. This way you can enjoy one glass without risking spoiling the wine.

The lazy Susan
Fantastic and easy gift for in-laws and family members. This is a great table center piece and has become a very popular trend. Try for a marble like this one or a wooden depending on their personal style.

The Sandwich maker
Calling all breakfast fans and those with a busy schedule. This makes it faster experience and an easier experience.

The Beard Apron
A perfect gift for most men in your life, but especially those who love to keep their surroundings clean. This keeps the bathroom clean and makes shaving a better process. It’s a unique and helpful gift!

A cashmere scarf, sweater, or gloves.
These make better gifts in the winter months or if you live somewhere with cooler temperatures. Cashmere is always an elegant gift!